Indulge Yourself

Retirement offers the luxury of time to deepen—or broaden—your interests. Screen award-winning films in the private cinema. Master a new language or pursue an interest in music and the arts. Play bocce with friendly competitors on the terrace. Enjoy fascinating speakers, special events, and religious services without leaving home.

Visit and enjoy the wonderful museums and arts scene that surround our community. The Blumenthal Arts Center and Levine Center for the Arts are minutes away and offer opportunities to appreciate the best of what Charlotte has to offer.




Get together a team or join one. Enjoy competing or simply a relaxed practice.


The onsite cinema lets you screen new releases as well as enjoy old favorites with the latest sound and visual technology.


Sharpen your skills, pursue a hobby, or try something completely new. We offer a variety of classes onsite.

Music & Arts

Onsite small concerts, exhibits, and speakers add spice to each week.


Explore local sites, events, and neighborhoods. We also can help you arrange group trips and day trips.

Religious Services

Worship services, bible studies, or spiritual group meetings can be hosted onsite.